Day 6: Motif, MDF mould and spool clamps

Today, I finished shaping the heel and made the ‘log’ of the central motif for the rosette. I also made spool clamps for the solera and started to make a mould out of MDF for the laminate sides of the guitar.

Unfortunately, the motif didn’t work as planned and I will have to make the log again. The 1mm strips of wood I’d ordered were not uniformly 1mm square and when the planks were put together, the motif was out of alignment. Oh, well. I learned a lot and the whole process was surprisingly simple providing the materials are cut to the right size in the first place!

That’s the neck finished for now. The playing area still needs to be worked on, but work on the head and foot is complete. I’ve learned that a great deal of work goes into the neck, requiring a range of carpentry skills: measuring, marking, planing, cutting, carving, gluing, filing and sanding. I’m already eager to start another and apply what I learned the first time.

Today corresponds to Roy’s book pp. 147; 183-190.

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