Day 5: Marking out, cutting and carving the foot and heel

Today I cut the rib slot and carved the heel. We began by meticulously marking out the wedge-shaped rib slot which is illustrated in Roy’s book (p.184, 12-35). I started from the centre of the 12th fret mark, masking off the lines so they were clearly visible. In an image below, you can see how it compares to a neck that Roy had previously made. Careful cuts were made with a tenon saw to produce the slot where the sides will be wedged. In his book, Roy illustrated a method involving a 2mm slot for the sides, which he no longer uses, having switched to a method illustrated on p.184. It was shown to him by Jose Romanillos while doing research for the book.

In the photos below, I am starting to carve the heel, having finished the foot. The cuts for the wedges are visible but the wood has not yet been removed. The front cut is wider than the saw blade, because the two cuts were not perfectly symmetrical and so I slid in a piece of veneer and re-cut it slightly forward, salvaging the problem.

Today corresponds to Roy’s book pp.177-184.

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